Increase your competitiveness

ADDIGO Cockpit

The all-round solution “Complete” offers you convenient and clear central data management via the “Cockpit”, from where you can regulate all day-to-day business processes. This includes, among other things, the creation of offers and invoices. The complete version also allows you to adapt the preconfigured forms to your needs without any programming knowledge and to create your own new forms from which you can then generate the tasks for your workers. Thanks to the Cockpit weekly overview, you can see how and where you have assigned your employees and thus achieve effective worker management.

Additionally, when you assign tasks with a deadline, an entry is automatically created in the app user’s calendar. All it takes is a look at the calendar and your employee can navigate directly to their work location using their device.

Order data, forms, images or notes can also be exchanged between app users from anywhere. Once the report or task has been completed, you will be automatically notified in the cockpit and an XML file will be provided to you for easy export.