ADDIGO offers perfect solutions for the digitization of everyday business processes for a wide range of company sizes – for lone wolves, small and medium-sized companies.

  • 1

    Smart Basic: ADDIGO App as a free basic version

  • 2

    Smart Pro: ADDIGO App with advanced functions

  • 3

    Complete: ADDIGO complete solution consisting of App und Cockpit

The Smart Basic app makes your daily administrative work much easier, e.g. as a small business owner. This version provides you with our standard service report, which saves you a lot of time on site and can also be used offline.

Our Smart Pro app offers significantly more functions: you can import or export your customer and material lists and pre-format various PDF documents, while your employees have access to photo documentation and a timer for recording working hours, for example.

The all-round solution “Complete” offers you convenient and clear central data management via the “Cockpit”, from where you can regulate all day-to-day business processes. This includes, among other things, the creation of offers and invoices. The complete version also allows you to adapt the preconfigured forms to your needs without any programming knowledge and to create your own new forms from which you can then generate the tasks for your workers. Thanks to the Cockpit weekly overview, you can see how and where you have assigned your employees and thus achieve effective worker management.

Additionally, when you assign tasks with a deadline, an entry is automatically created in the app user’s calendar. All it takes is a look at the calendar and your employee can navigate directly to their work location using their device.

Once the reports or tasks have been completed, an XML file is made available to you once a day for easy export by e-mail.


Smart Basic

Smart Pro


Standard service report, including travel costs & signature field
IOS and Android APP with offline mode
Encrypted data transmission
Daily backup
Day and night design
Capture of addendums
Photo documentation (taking, editing, saving)
Customer and material lists with CSV import/export
Document attachments (.pdf; .jpg)
PDF document settings
Timer for recording working hours
Project assignment
Central data management (Cockpit)
Pre-configured service reports, including travel costs & signature field
Self-configurable service reports
Template directory
Information sheets
Test protocols
Calender function in the backend
Offer preparation
Invoice creation
Invoice management
Worker planning
XML export

Functions at a glance 

Smart Basic (free of charge)

For micro-entrepreneurs & part-time workers

  • Standard service report
  • Material management (recording of materials, e.g. sockets, granulate, paint, etc. and their pricing, including item number and description)
  • Service management (recording types of services, e.g. laying tiles, installing smoke detectors, cleaning work and their pricing)
  • Worker directory (documentation of workers present on site)
  • Customer data management with customer number (import option from contacts on smartphone)
  • Travel costs (fixed price, price per kilometer) and their calculation
  • Tax rate management (3 individual tax rates)
  • Note field (for recording individual incidents on site)
  • Signature field
  • Logo integration
  • Currency editor
  • Calculation function for all services, materials and travel costs, including VAT calculation
  • PDF export function for creating a PDF file, e.g. for sending by email
  • Company data management (company, subtitle/claim, address, telephone number, email, email for service reports, website)
  • Customer address data reading function for maps and Google Maps (IOS function for navigation to the customer)
  • Email text template managment
  • Day and night design

Smart Pro (subscription model)

For self-employed people, freelancers, traders and sole proprietors

Contains all the functions of ADDIGO Smart Basic and additionally:

  • Photo documentation (taking, editing, saving)
  • CSV import/export of customer and material lists, service types and their pricing
  • Business paper integration (PDF document settings)
  • Create supplements (for easy recording of additional expenses on site)
  • Project management (for assigning projects)
  • Timer and live working time recording

Complete (software license)

For companies, self-employed people, freelancers, traders and sole proprietors

Contains all the functions of ADDIGO Smart Pro plus:

  • Central data management of all data and processes
  • Self-configurable service reports (checklists, information sheets, workflow illustrations)
  • Pre-configured service reports, travel costs, signature field and document attachment
  • Offer management (creation of offers, including copy function, status assignment and the possibility of converting them into a task)
  • Task management (creation of tasks, including copy function, status assignment and the possibility of converting them into an invoice)
  • Invoice management (creation of invoices, including copy function, status assignment and EPC QR code / Giro code)
  • Calendar function (simple overview of all scheduled app users, with daily, weekly or monthly overview)
  • Download management (document attachment)